I am a sociable, logical and creative person who enjoys new challenges.

I have recently finished my degree studying Interior Architecture, now leaving with a passion for physics, working with regional materials, sculptural design and visualisations.

On top of being confident in most creative digital applications, I have physical experience in working on several live projects and building on small sites.

As a designer, the personal, small details are what make the final outcome perfect for its client and this is the level of focus I will apply to any project, any client and any brief.




Change of State is a proposed pavilion situated on the West Pier, Brighton for the Festival of Britain 2022.

The workshop is designed to build protective shelters for the coast with materials wasted from coastal erosion. The waste material for this particular workshop is Chalk. This project focuses on movement and balance, and the visual decay of materials.

This chalk will be broken down into smaller boulders, whatever chalk is too small or left over will be heated in a kiln to make quicklime. This combination of the same material allows participants to make shelters using dry stone walling techniques alongside using quicklime as mortar. 



These three totems are a metaphorical and physical representation of the issues behind climate change and specifically coastal erosion.

By using materials susceptible to decay, over the course of the Totems’ standing exposed to the winter weather along the seafront, the totems will rust and pigment the salt.


Alongside this process, the salt, when exposed to water (from sea or rain) will slowly dissolve, eventually leaving an empty skeletal like structure behind.

This large installation will highlight and raise awareness towards the current and future conditions of Britain’s beautiful south coast.



To bring back life and a purpose to Madeira Terrace, a music related programme was inserted. 

The ground floor was a live music interactive area, leading up to a floating recording studio. On the upper deck are meditation pods, for people to enjoy the beauty of the sea. The meditation pods are structurally supported with the same steel work that holds up the stairs and floating stage.



This project is a small scaled installation made of two parts, designed to overcome the physical obstacle of a supporting column.

The Periscope

The Periscope is a rotating device which attaches to the column on Grande Parade site for members of the public to approach and look through.

The Staircase

Following from the device, a spiralled staircase was to be installed, also around the column. This invites members of the public walking by the underpass to step up and explore the installation. The platform has angled mirrors, designed so that as you walk up them, you can face into the existing building, yet see past the column.



Alongside installation and architectural interventions, I am passionate about bespoke furniture.

Public rest points

These three chairs were designed to be a part of a new pier infrastructure. The premise behind the design is planes and counterbalancing.

Bespoke sliding storage

For the CHANGE OF STATE workshop, this was designed to house the specific set of tools required for the workshop. It slides for the option to hide and be revealed.


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